Baseball Team Dumps Gasoline On Diamond & Lights A Fire In Idiot Attempt To Dry It… Destroys The Entire Field

You can’t fix stupid…

A Ridgefield, Connecticut baseball team complete destroyed their diamond after someone got the bright idea to douse the entire field with 25 gallons of gasoline and light it on fire. With heavy rain the night before, their Saturday morning game was delayed due to a number of wet spots on the field, so it would stand to reason that the only logical solution for an underwater baseball field it to burn the whole thing down.

Did it try up the field? Sure, kind of. Did it completely contaminate the soil causing the the field to be ruined? Absolutely.

“I’m not aware of who exactly it was who got the gas but what we do know is that someone did use some gas around third base and that seemed to work,” according to town selectman Rudy Marconi. “Others then went to get more gas and began spreading it from second over to the third … they lit up that little area and it dried it up. Everyone thought it was working. They thought they could take care of the whole field with gas. … One person said they had done it in the past.”

After hours and hours of dirt removal and contamination cleanup, it’s looking like it will cost around $50,000 to be fixed.

Unbelievable. I love baseball as much as the next kid, and I sure as shit remember getting to the diamond at 8 in the morning on a Saturday, doing everything we can to make a muddy field playable, but nobody ever had an idea like this. And, growing up in a hicktown of 2,000 people, burning shit down was a pretty common suggestion for most problems.

And now, you have no field and a $50,000 bill to remove all the contaminated soil with the EPA showing up and roping the place off like a nuclear blast site. Classic.

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