Kassi Ashton Releases Powerful New Music Video For “Pretty Shiny Things”

Music with a message, and a damn important one. Country music needs more of this.

Today, Kassi Ashton released a stunning new music video for her emotional new song “Pretty Shiny Things.” According to an interview with Paper Magazinethe new video was inspired by a ballerina, trapped inside of her music box.

“As she sits in the box, you see her emotional struggle between how she really feels and the charade she is used to putting on. It just so happens that the jewelry box is also a stage. I wanted everything to be mirrored so that she couldn’t escape her reflection, both physically and mentally. I wanted it to feel very delicate and girly, but with a haunting stepford wife undertone. All I could see in my mind when creating the treatment was prismatic lens flares and very creamy texture.”

Powerful imagery for a powerful song.

“In our society, it feels like we’re forced to evaluate our reflection everywhere we turn, always waiting for a confirmation from someone else that we are enough,” says Ashton. “Putting that, and something so personal for me, into a visual is a weird task. I wanted it to feel real, not forced. Kristin Barlowe helped me so much in marrying what I wanted artistically with the real emotional monologue.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Kassi is an absolute fucking rockstar. Keep your eye on her.

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A beer bottle on a dock