Ashley McBryde Opens Up About Her Father’s Disapproval In Tearful New Interview

Ashley McBryde is the real deal.

Named ACM New Female Artist of the Year, Ashley McBryde opened up on CBS this morning about her success and her father’s less-than-thrilled opinion of her career choice.

“Promise me that when you’ve made your money and had your fill of this music stuff, you’ll go to medical school,” her father told her a few years ago.

“I said you know daddy I’m not just playing bars anymore, we’re playing arenas, we’re traveling the world, and he said “I’m proud for ya,” he didn’t say “of ya.” Everybody wants their papa to be proud of ’em,” she said with tears in her eyes. She then confessed that to this day, she’s still not even sure if her dad is proud of her.

Ashley McBryde said she uses that to fuel encouragement towards others that are chasing a dream of their own.

Stop what you’re doing and watch this.

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