The ‘Stranger Things: Season 3’ Trailer Is Here & People Are PUMPED


Stranger Things officially dropped the first Season 3 trailer today and I am all in. Summertime in the 80’s, the kids are pretty much teenagers now, we’re all going to the neon-lit mall, Barb is still dead and Eleven is still bleeding out of her nose… it’s going to be awesome.

Only problem… it airs on the 4th of July which means I now have a conflict. Who the hell airs a new season of a show on a day when we’re all celebrating America? Now, I’m forced to choose between celebrating the independence of our country or tuning in to fucking Netflix?

I’m going to wear red, white and blue, drink cheap American beer, and watch iNetflix. What’s more American than that?

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock