Aaron Lewis Must Be REALLY Embarrassed About This Song Of His

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This didn’t age well.

Back in 2012, Aaron Lewis broke onto the country scene with a song called “Endless Summer.” Name-checking Jason Aldean and Miley Cyrus, this song is the epitome of a feel-good, pop-country summer jam from the “Cruise” era of country music… steel guitar be damned.

“Loadin’ up and living right, fast cars on a summer night, breeze is warm and the moon is bright, this endless summer //¬†Boogie boards and diggin’ holes, sand castles and fishin’ poles, what a way to save our souls, this endless summer.”

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Aaron, who has gone well out of his way to rip a lot of the popular country stars of today, wanted to kick his own ass for putting this out.

I’m not sure if he still performs this one at his live show, but if he’s telling the crowd to the shut the fuck up during “Thank You,” I can’t imagine how loud it would get if he gave this one a go.

Just a few short years later, he was calling out Luke Bryan, Dan + Shay, and the rest of mainstream country music for “choking the life out of country music.”

Hindsight’s 20/20 I guess…

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