Guy Locks His Mom & Brother In The House & Tries To Burn It Down Over Cheez-It Altercation

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What in the literal fuck?

According to Fox St. Louis, a man is probably going to spend a lit of time in jail after he intentionally set fire to his mother’s house… while she was in it.

A 32-year-old, Suburban Atlanta man was at his 61-year-old mother’s house, along with his brother, when an altercation broke out over a box of Cheez-It snack crackers. I’m more of a Goldfish man myself, but apparently, the conversation took a turn for the worse when the man in question locked his mom and brother inside, poured gasoline all over the porch and lit the house on fire. He was reportedly drunk. Gee, ya think?

The brother was able to lift the mother down from a second story window to safety.

People say things like “family comes first” and “family is everything,” but we all know… it’s cheese. Cheese is life. Steal someone’s cheese, even from family, and you’re just asking for trouble.

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