Chris Stapleton Unveils New Signature ’62 Fender Princeton Amp

For the first time ever, Fender has partnered with a country music artists to build an amplifier uniquely designed to the artist’s exact specifications. That artist? None other than the great Chris Stapleton.

The hand-wired Fender ’62 Princeton Amp Chris Stapleton Edition boasts the classic Fender ‘62 Princeton 6G2 amp circuit and comes enhanced with Stapleton’s favorite features and personally-chosen artful touches including Fender Vintage “Blue” tone caps, Schumacher transformers, an upgraded Eminence 12” Special Design “CS” speaker, output tube-biased tremolo circuit, and an engraved brass plate with Chris Stapleton’s signature.

“We took a good amount of time, probably about a year-and-a-half really digging in to some prototypes back and forth, trying to get the nuances and the magic of what makes those old amps really sing,” said Chris Stapleton. “Fender has done a phenomenal job in every possible respect replicating the magic of the 1962 Princeton amp.”

As part of the collaboration, Stapleton personally requested all artist royalties be donated to his charity, “Outlaw State of Kind.” OSOK is Chris and Morgane Stapleton’s charitable fund that supports a variety of causes that are close to their heart. The Outlaw State of Kind Fund was founded in 2016 and is administered by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock