Justin Moore Reveals The Title of His Upcoming Album After He Got Stepped On By A Horse

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While shooting something for his upcoming album, Justin Moore got stepped on by a horse. However, while sharing the photo of his nasty bruise, he also revealed the title of his upcoming album, one he promises to be his most country yet.

“Anything for art! First time in my career I’ve been stepped on by a horse during an album photo shoot. Lol. Hopefully, we got the shot though! New album, Late Nights And Longnecks coming soon!”

Late Nights And Longnecks… coming soon, probably with a horse on the cover.

In a Big Machine Label Group sound bite, Justin Moore has promised to deliver the “most traditional album” he has ever made with the release of his next project.

“It was a conscious decision. I’m glad we did what we did on the last album and it was successful. And you know, I enjoyed it but I’m just better at traditional country music than I am anything else. It’s what comes out of me naturally. I feel like it’s what I do best and I have more fun doing it. So I wanted to make the most traditional album I have ever made and I feel like we’ve done that. And I can’t wait for everybody to hear it. The other part of that, too, for me, is I miss songwriting and I don’t write that other stuff. There’s nothing wrong with it. I just don’t do well writing it. I write traditional sounding country music, so that was something that I missed having the opportunity to do on the last album. I think I had two or three cuts maybe. And so that was just a part of the process that I really missed. And Lord, we’re 10, 11 years into this now. It’s just fun to do what you want to do.”

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