New Country Boy Band King Calaway Releases Debut EP And It’s Not Good

Where to start…

During a recent podcast, we ranted about country music’s newest boy band, King Calaway. While we didn’t expect to like their debut EP, we left a little bit of room for hope. Maybe they would sound like the old Mumford & Sons? Maybe the “Chicken Fried” Zac Brown Band?



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The lab-made One Direction wannabe group couldn’t be more pop, vanilla, or expected. They were formed to sell tickets to teenage girls. They’re trying to capitalize on a moment in country music, and they’re following trends. That viral video about the “beat that is killing country music”  perfectly explains the sound you hear coming from six boys wearing peacoats in the desert, or on a beach.

This isn’t a band that has played clubs, bars, or small festivals.  They never hit the pavement, grinding it out year after year, after year like so many road warriors out there. We’ve always been open to the broadening lines of country music, giving everyone a chance, and listen. This is where you lose me.

For me, authenticity is one of the most important traits a country artist can possess. There’s nothing authentic or admirable about this project, unfortunately.

If you’re looking for a new pop EP, you might like what these guys give you. However, if I want to hear a pop boy band, I’m going with NSYNC…or even 98 Degrees.

Photo Credit: Alex Ferrari

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