50-Year-Old Connecticut Woman Given DUI After Pounding Bottles Of Vanilla Extract

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Huh? Color me shocked, but apparently, there’s a shitload of alcohol in vanilla extract. So much so, that one Connecticut woman landed herself in jail with a DUI.

According to The Hour, 50-year-old Stefanie Warner-Grise was arrested for driving under the influence after she was found stopped in her car with her eyes closed, eventually failing a standard field sobriety test.

“Upon speaking with Warner-Grise, officers detected an odor of vanilla coming from her breath, her speech was slurred and she was unable to answer basic questions,” according to the arrest report.

“In addition, several bottles of pure vanilla extract were located inside the vehicle.”

McCormick’s Vanilla Extract, one of the most popular brands is 41% alcohol, AKA more than Fireball at 33% and even Jack Daniel’s at an even 40.

Mind blown…

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