Eric Church Will Be Re-Releasing His First 3 Albums On Vinyl

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Some of the best nights of my life involve pouring a glass of whiskey, maybe lighting a candle or two, and getting lost in some old-school Eric Church on vinyl.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Thankfully, Eric Church will be reissuing his first three albums, Sinners Like Me, Carolina, and Chief on limited-edition colored vinyl. Sinners Like Me, will be re-issued on red colored vinyl in its second pressing, set to be released this Friday, January 25. Chief will follow on February 15, also being re-issued in red vinyl for its second pressing. Finally, Carolina, will celebrate its tenth anniversary in yellow vinyl, set to drop on April 5th.

Eric kicked off his Double Down Tour this past weekend in Omaha, Nebraska, and will be performing back to back shows in St. Louis this weekend.

As Church said during his opening night,  “it’s gonna be a journey, so buckle up… we’re gonna have a lot of fun.”

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Photo Credit: Reid Long

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