Garth Brooks Fan Awarded $65,000 After Metal Pole Fell On Her Face At Concert

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Garth concerts aren’t for the faint of heart. One minute you’re singing “Callin’ Baton Rouge” and the next you’re calling the hospital because a metal pole fell on your head.

According to BillboardJean Ann Crenshaw was injured during a Garth Brooks show at the Bridegstone Arena in December of 2017, when a metal pole fell on her head. When a balloon drop malfunctioned, an employee used a metal pole to jar the balloons loose, but unfortunately dropped the pole into the crowd striking Crenshaw. She required stitches and surgery to fix her broken nose, scar tissue blocking her tear ducts and pain from the nerve damage near her eye. Her swollen face caught the attention of strangers for months, leading them to believe her husband was beating her.

The balloon company took responsibility and their insurance company agreed to pay a $65,000 settlement, covering $25,000 in medical fees and $40,000 for additional damages.

Obviously that experience was awful, but Crenshaw says she’s looking forward to seeing Garth this year on his big-ass stadium tour. Since most stadiums don’t have a roof, she sin’t too worried about getting hit again.

“The worst that could happen,” she says, “is a bird could poo on you.”

Well, I don’t know if that’s the worst thing that could happen to you, but I like the positive attitude. Honestly, as a guy that worked in law for a few years, specifically dabbling in some premise liability, I have to say 65K seems a little low. I’ve seen old ladies slip in a Burger King and get half a million bucks, easy. Some dipshit drops a pole on my face, you can bet your ass I’m at least getting 6 figures. No question.

Maybe Garth will pony up some of his millions and help the poor lady out.

Whataya say Garth?

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