The Rascal Flatts Restaurant Deal Falls Through… Thank God

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Oh no, I was really looking forward to having the mozzarella sticks at Rascal Flatts Bar & Grill… bummer.

Gimme a break.

Rascal Flatts have been eyeballing restaurant projects for the past couple of years, however none have materialized. Hollywood, Cleveland, Chicago, and Washington D.C, Florida, all appeared to be future locations, however, now it appears that none of them will ever see a grand opening.

Rascal Flatts took to Instagram to let fans know what was actually going on.

Some reports have mentioned some mafia ties to the developers, but either way, Rascal Flatts are now saying that they no longer have licensed out their name for use in any future restaurant ventures. Props for the transparency.

“We licensed the use of our name to a restaurant developer a few years back, but never participated in the ownership or the development of the restaurants in any way.”

So what you are saying is that you sold your name to a project that you had absolutely no involvement in so you could make money? And now the developers turned out to be shady so you want nothing to do with it? Interesting business strategy…

Putting a bar up on Lower Broadway makes sense, being involved in the menu, the development, the ownership makes sense, if that’s what you want to do, but licensing out your name for some bar in Hollywood or Chicago’s Fulton market area (where all the fancy restaurants are) makes zero sense. At the end of the day, this is probably good news for Rascal Flatts… and anybody that doesn’t want to waste their money at a glorified Chili’s.

The Instagram comments seem to agree…

“That was the best decision… “

“Good decision.”

“Good, don’t be gimmicky like Luke Bryan.”

“Wise decision. Look what happened to Toby Keith.”

“How about a new album instead?”

Yeah, duh…

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