Will Tattooing Your Chest Make Your Wife Forgive You For Cheating On Her?

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Honesty is good in marriage. Buying hookers… not so much.

José is learning that lesson the hard way after he presumably was caught cheating on his wife. I’m not sure because I don’t know José, but the list of confessions he just “voluntarily” tattooed on his chest all seem to point to straight to cheating. And, not just your run of the mill cheating with the cute girl at the bank, or the grocery store… we’re talking about a guy that’s spending the family money on the illegal purchase of a lady of the night. A streetwalker. No matter how you slice it, that’s bad news for José. Throw in the lying and manipulating and a few more redundant terms for basically the same thing (deceiving, dishonesty…  seriously these words all mean the same thing) and it appears as though José is not doing good. Not good at all.

But it’s 2019 and José is a new man. He’s leaving all those shenanigans back in 2018 with a public (and permanent) display of confession. A man of sound mind and probably not the best body, under his own volition, inked his crimes upon his chest, in the site of Gods and men, for all the world to see.

Does it mean she will forgive him? Who knows. Does it mean he will, in fact, earn her trust back? Jury is still out on that one too. Did he probably go too far? You could say that, but you can’t put a price on love. They say “forgive and forget,” but they also say “forgive, but don’t forget,” so it sounds like they need to get together and come to an agreement on that saying, but either way, José is definitely NOT going to forget this. Every morning when he puts on his shirt, he’ll be starring in that mirror with a never-ending reminder of what a shitty person he used to be back in 2018.

Happy New Year José! Here’s to better days.

Also, just a head’s up… you spelled “deceiver” and “disrespectful” wrong, but hey, spelling is probably the least of your problems right now.

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