Shania Twain Stands Naked In Front Of Mirrors To Appreciate Getting Older: “I Want To Be OK With It”

Shania Twain country music
Louie Banks

Shania Twain is a country music legend, there’s absolutely no denying it, but the 58 year old has been making headlines lately for a number of, well… strange reasons.

Fans, including my own cousin, have been less than impressed with some of her recent concerts, including an especially poor performance where videos show attendees racing for the exits well before it was over.

There was also the backlash from a recent photoshoot where fans said she looked unrecognizable, a strange moment on stage during her Las Vegas residency where told the story of losing her virginity at 15 years old, and others that leave fans feeling confused and honestly concerned for Twain’s overall wellbeing.

Well, Twain recently gave an interview with The Sun Bizarre where she opened up on how she deals with the inevitable process of aging those comments caught more than a few people’s interest.

For starters, it needs to be said that she looks pretty incredible for a 58 year old woman. Think about the near 60-year-olds you see in day to day life and it’s clear she takes very good care of her body and is still rocking crop tops much longer than younger she thought she would.

But while talking to Jack Hardwick, she revealed her process for getting comfortable with the idea of aging and it seems to be another one of those weird Shania Twain moments:

“I decided that wherever there was a mirror and I was naked in my house or hotel, that I would keep the lights on and I would look in the mirror.

A lot of people as they start ageing, and even young people, they don’t want to look at themselves in the mirror naked, and I think that is such a shame. Every month or day that I may notice another sag or another bit of cellulite, I want to know it’s there. I want to be OK with it instead of thinking, I have to cover it up or not to look.

I can’t change it and I don’t plan on changing it superficially.”

Throughout the interview she said plastic surgery and liposuction were off the table for her, which I do want to commend her for because we all know A-listers that look like plastic dolls at this point in their lives.

And while I think it’s safe to say we’ve all looked at ourselves fully nude in the mirror at least once in our lives, doing it consistently is certainly a bit strange, but hey, I’m sure I’ll be looking for the fountain of youth when I’m closing in on 60. Turning 28 already hit me hard, I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when it’s doubled.

If there’s one thing we can expect from Shania Twain, it’s the unexpected, and this is just another example of her continuing to be a staple in music media headlines.

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