Country Fans Say Shania Twain Looks Unrecognizable: “I Had No Idea Who This Was”

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Alex Harbaugh/Shania Twain

This is why you never read the comments…

Especially if you’re a celebrity, or the Queen of Pop Country, but even if you’re a lowly internet blogger like myself… do you think I’m reading the comments? Hell no. Am I gonna let @bob35720463 ruin my day? Nope, not a chance.

But sometimes, the sentiment is pretty overwhelming, and unfortunately for Shania Twain, that is the case with one of her latest Instagram posts.

A behind the scenes shot from what appears to be a photoshoot with Haute Living, fans said she looked completely unrecognizable in the photo… and that’s putting it nicely.

The comments, which appear to mainly be comprised of admitted lifelong fans, didn’t hold back on her new look:

That picture does not even come close to looking like you

Who the f is this???!!!

The new mouth and teeth ruin her. Along with the drag show shes putting on

Been a fan for years, had no idea who this was.

I have no idea who this is!

What happened to the woman that was beautiful just being herself 

Another natural beauty bites the dust. This is just getting sad.

This doesn’t even look like Shania Twain and definitely not for the better.

I don’t even recognize Shania. She had such a beautiful face, before this. It’s incredibly sad 

I don’t even think this is actually Shania anymore.

Is that her? I literally would have never known. Ten years ago she was aging BEAUTIFULLY. 

What’s with all the celebrities that don’t look like themselves?

Mid life crisis maybe?

Who the heck? That looks NOTHING like you!

Has she had work done? photo shop? this woman looks nothing like Shania

Jesus Christ I thought she was Steven Tyler at first glance

This looks like an old dude in drag…

It’s giving Michael Jackson

What in the Jessica Simpson is happening

Yeesh… pretty brutal. It goes on like that for a while…

This photo garnered similar commentary:

A number of people accused her of having too much work done, however, last year she said she had no plans to get plastic surgery.

In a 2023 appearance on the Making Space with Hoda Kotb podcast, and said:

“I’ve come to a point where, no I’m not gonna do it. Maybe that was probably part of what pushed me to go, ‘OK, it’s time to start loving yourself in your own skin,’ because sure I’ve got lots of friends that have had very successful surgeries, but I’ve also seen others that aren’t so successful.”

She added that she was afraid that she might end up with one of those “unsuccessful” surgeries:

“And then I think, ‘Well what if I’m one of those that doesn’t heal very well, then I’m gonna hate that about myself.’ Then I’m gonna regret doing it.

And then, maybe I’m going to fall and cut myself, and I’m gonna need stitches, for real.”

So… I guess there’s that.

Shania Twain Announces Return To Las Vegas

Shania Twain is officially returning to Las Vegas this month. Last night, she kicked off her third residency in last Vegas, and this time around, she’s bringing the hits.

Officially titled Shania Twain: COME ON OVER – The Las Vegas Residency – All The Hits!, she says  it’s an honor to perform at the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, and she can’t wait to party with her fans come 2024:

“I am excited to be returning to Vegas for my third residency COME ON OVER, performing in Vegas is a huge honor and I love this theatre.

The audience can expect ALL THE HITS with a few fan favorites from the new album in there too. I am in a celebratory mood and there is nowhere better to party than VEGAS so I hope you all join me!”

She also shared a funny video making the announcement, where you see her doing chores around the house in her home in Switzerland, and she finally gives up, saying:

“**** this. I’m going to Vegas.”

Shania Twain 2024 dates:

May 2024: 10, 11, 15, 17, 18, 23, 25, 26
Aug. 2024: 23, 24, 29, 31
Sept. 2024: 1, 4, 6, 7
Nov. 2024: 29, 30
Dec. 2024: 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14

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