Morgan Wallen Reveals He Would Love To Collaborate With Miley Cyrus On Theo Von’s Podcast

A match made in mullet heaven.

In one of the greatest mullet meet-ups of modern history, the always hilarious stand-up comedian and Louisiana-native, Theo Von, hosted Morgan Wallen on a recent episode of his podcast, This Past Weekend.

They swapped stories from the road, talked navigating their careers during COVID, giving fans the freedom to get back out to shows again, and just about everything else under the sun, including Morgan’s dream collaborations.

Past or present, it was a no-brainer for Morgan. The Eagles.

“An artist of any time… The Eagles man, that’s who I’d pick. I love The Eagles, their music makes me feel at peace… if I could do a song with the original Eagles, that would definitely be who I’d pick.”

But then, Morgan hit us with a curveball… Miley Cyrus.

“But if I could do a song right now with somebody, I wanna do a song with Miley Cyrus. I love her voice man. She has an insane voice and she kinda just don’t care either an I like that.”

Towards the end of the podcast, Hardy and Ernest joined the conversation and the group dove into the songwriting process.

When asked if they had written together on Morgan’s upcoming double album Dangerous, Hardy said there was a good number on it that were written by the three of them, specifically naming “This Bar”, “Something Country” and “More Than My Hometown.” He also said they were written about 3 years ago, sparking a question from Theo on how long it typically takes songs to be released from the time when they’re written.

Hardy:  “It’s all different. This one is like three years, I just had a Number One on a guy named Jamison Rogers (“Some Girls”), it took like almost 6 years from the time we wrote it. But then I’ve had songs go, like “God’s Country”, went ‘Farm to Table,’ meaning created to Number 1 in like 2 months.”

Hardy then went on to tell a story about meeting Morgan at a writing session session when he shared the most head-scratching detail from the entire conversation. 

Hardy: “Usually these days you have someone that’s pretty much sitting where he is (pointing to the podcast producer) and they look just like him, except they’re making music instead of other stuff…  A beat is going these days, they work on the music while we work on the song, so you barely write with acoustic guitars anymore.”

Excuse me, what? You don’t even use instruments when writing anymore? Dafuq?

Overall, the conversation was a great listen. Theo took a few jabs at Morgan for his latest extracurricular activities at Kid Rock’s bar and down in Tuscaloosa, but there were a lot of funny stories from each of their pasts. 

Oh, and by the way, Theo stars in the “Alabama” music video from the Mississippi-based country rock band Bishop Gunn.

Gang, gang.

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