Zach Bryan Fans Look Horrified After Woman Throws Bra On Stage From Pit

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They are called undergarments for a reason.

Last night, Zach Bryan took the stage in Greenville, South Carolina. Maybe it was that “Fifth Of May” air, but the crowd seemed electric. Many clips on social media highlight the crowds singing louder than ZB, making him smile. He even took to social media after the show, noting that it was magical for him too.

I’m not sure this moment put the “fire” back in him, but it definitely put shocked faces on those in the crowd.

We all know the trend of throwing things at your favorite artists and it is a topic we are more than familiar with here at Whiskey Riff. From Luke Bryan busting his a** from a phone being tossed on stage to HARDY’s wife being a fan girl and throwing her bra at her husband on stage…we’ve covered the whole spectrum when it comes to things flying on stage.

During last night’s show, ZB had a bra launched at him while on stage. Zach Bryan asked fans if they were down for one more song as he wrapped up the last verse of “Headed South,” and a social media user filmed the moment, not expecting to capture what happened next in her video. The woman directly in front of her winds up pulling her arm back before launching the bra at the singer from the pit.

Fans around the woman who threw the undergarments at the singer immediately turned around in shock. The toss went far, hitting ZB, who even tried to slightly dodge the thow. The user who captured the moment was less than thrilled with it, noting that the woman “needed to be smacked” in her on-screen caption.

While I must admit this is nothing compared to the woman who tossed her panties at Riley Green, Zach Bryan doesn’t really feel like a show where many bras end up on the stage. First time for everything, though…

What a wild weekend for ZB! First, Sexxy Red twerking on stage, and then bras on stage.

@bethany_dawnnnn literally everyone around us was shocked #quittingtimetour2024 #zachbryan #fifthofmay ♬ original sound – bethany🎀🪩💝

Commenters were less than impressed with the woman’s choice. Check out some of their thoughts.

“No way, this is disgusting.”


“At a Zach Bryan concert is wild.”

“He specifically requested that there be no bottles at the venue I was at so people would not throw full bottles at him, so why would it be okay to throw that?”

“That ain’t a bra that’s a parachute.”

“Zach was like, WHAT.”


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock