“Put The Goat Down!” – Miniature Donkey Clamps Down On Helpless Goat

Mini horse attacks goat
The Goatfather

That goat is going to need a lot of therapy.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a donkey take another animal and ragdoll them around like that…but there is a first time for everything, I guess. There’s plenty of video evidence of mountain lions dragging their prey or bears hunting for their next food source, but all of those have the common theme… they are meat-eating animals.

A herbivore miniature donkey clamping down on a baby goat is not really how nature intended it to be. But clearly, this mini-donk has a mean streak and snatched up a baby goat. While traumatizing for the goat and probably the farmer who found the goat being run through the field while in the jaws of the donkey, he captured the moment on video, leading to top-tier content.

The man behind the camera sees the donkey trotting through the field and quickly jumps the fence to save the helpless goat. The donkey instantly looks guilty, drops the goat, and runs the other way.

“Put the goat down! Drop the goat! Oh my gosh.” 

He yells at the donkey. The baby goat quickly gets on its feet and shimmies his grass-stained back under the fence, rejoining his herd.

“What is wrong with you? Dude!”

He asks the donkey, who looks like he has zero ounce of regret. He then checks on the goat, reminding the small animal that the fence is there for a reason.

“Are you okay? I know that was scary…that was scary. I’m sorry. Listen, the gate is closed for a reason!”

The little goat walks off like nothing happened, although I am sure the small animal is questioning why the donkey went after him specifically.

@goatcrazy Blizzard was attacked by my donkey… #steinmetzfamilyfarms #donkey ##minidonkey #goat ♬ original sound – The Goatfather

While the video is great, the comments are even better. Social media concluded that the donkey is not sorry one bit, and I agree with them. The donkey woke up and chose violence.

“Donkey was like, ‘Yeah, I did it.'”

“And donkey feels no guilt…shaking his head, ‘No.'”

“The donkey was NOT sorry.”


“All the other goats watching in horror.”

“We need the donkey’s side of the story.”

“The way he carried the goat like he weighed nothing.”

“Never in my life would I think I’d hear someone say ‘drop the goat.'”

“Donkey: And he won’t come to my house again.”

“Narrator: The donkey was, in fact, not sorry.”

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