The Internet Has So Many Questions For Woman Who Ran Marathon With A Fridge On Her Back

Laura Bird marathon refrigerator

It better be full of beer.

I have a lot of “whys” when it comes to this story. Laura Bird, better known as Birdy, just became the first woman to run a marathon with a refrigerator on her back. She did this to raise money for the Rays of Sunshine charity, which helps children with severe or life-limiting illnesses.

While she raised an impressive amount of money for the charity, there are many other ways that this woman could have noted what she was raising money for. Maybe pushing a child across the race’s finish line would have better driven home the message.

But I will tell her that seeing a woman running through the streets of London with a deep-freeze-looking refrigerator strapped to her back is one way to get the public’s attention for her charitable contributions.

Hunts Post UK says she described the experience as “incredible,” noting that the marathon viewers helped her power through.

“The crowd was electric and shouting my name constantly. My friends and family were there to share every second.”

While news outlets praise her for their charitable acts during the marathon, social media users are left perplexed why this method was chosen, leading to some hilarious commentary.

One woman shared a TikTok video of Birdy running past her, and the commenters section quickly filled up with gold star responses.

“I actually did this last year, sorry.”

“I don’t understand why, but congratulations.”

“So this is what they mean when they ask if my fridge is running.”

(Underrated comment).

“But why??? Like, who decides this is their goal in life?”

“How often am I supposed to take the fridge for a run?”

“I can barely run for 10 seconds with no fridge on my back.”

“I mean, yeah, that’s definitely the first (and only) time somebody would think of doing that…”

“Alright, what is going on.”

“Oh, she STRONG strong.”

The woman who posted the TikTok noted that many other men had done the same in the past and that another man in the race was also running with a fridge on his back.

Once again, this raises the question of who thought of this idea. Hopefully, some snacks or beers were in there to power her through the run.

@elliebird78 Laura Bird, the first woman in the world to complete a marathon with a fridge on her back. Raising money for Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity, absolute legend. 💛💛💛#londonmarathon2024 #londonmarathonfridge #raysofsunshine #londonmarathon #london #running #marathon ♬ beautiful things dont ask for attention – mathias i think

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock