“I’m Impervious To Pain” – Jacked Jim Harbaugh Gets 15-0 Michigan Tattoo & Takes It Like A True National Champion

Jim Harbaugh

To no one’s surprise, Jim Harbaugh still has some serious guns for arms, and was laughing more than flinching or whining whilst getting a tattoo to commemorate his recent national championship run at Michigan. Harbaugh’s perfect 15-0 season didn’t feature him on the sidelines for every game due to multiple suspensions, but that actually laid a good foundation for him to bolt back to the NFL with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Naturally, when Harbaugh was getting his “M 15-0” tat, he said, “I’m impervious to pain.”

It’s cool to see former Wolverines star nickel corner Mike Sainristil on site to capture the video. He has an outside chance to be drafted in the first round. One Michigan player who will certainly hear his name called this coming Thursday night is quarterback JJ McCarthy.

On the strength of a scintillating pre-draft process and a ringing endorsement from Harbaugh himself, McCarthy could go as high as No. 2 overall to Washington once the Bears select Caleb Williams.

With all the ongoing uncertainty about Jayden Daniels’ draft stock, it’s becoming less clear by the day what will happen regarding that second pick owned by the Commanders.

Cutting back to Harbaugh: Life is good for this man. Relating to the youngins. Getting tatted up at his alma mater. Having a truckload of NFL prospects entering the draft. Getting to coach an elite QB like Justin Herbert in LA. The competitive challenge of trying to unseat Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid in the AFC West. Who’s got it better than him? NOBODY.

Since Harbaugh has been a massive success at every single one of his coaching stops, I don’t see why that’d change with the Chargers. Their draft will really be one of the most exciting and interesting to see unfold. Harbaugh has such a built-in advantage for the next couple years in the draft, because he’s spent so much time in the college game and should have such a good feel for personnel.

Additionally, there’s speculation that QBs could be drafted with each of the first four picks on Thursday. Thus, the non-QB-needy Bolts and Harbaugh either have their pick of the litter of all other prospects at No. 5 overall, or they can trade out if there still is a top QB prospect sitting there.

We’ll see how impervious to pain Harbaugh really is if he starts dropping divisional duels to Reid and Mahomes in the coming years. Something tells me he won’t be too fazed, because all Harbaugh knows how to do is get off the mat and keep winning a whole lot more games. Time will tell if he’s the answer to stopping the Chiefs’ dynasty in its tracks.

For now, let’s celebrate Harbaugh’s grit for taking this ink job like a champ.

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