“That’s A 10-Pound Bass, Call My Dad” – Kid Has Most Wholesome Reaction To Catching A Big Largemouth

Kid catches largemouth bass

You love to see it… the joys of fishing taking root in the next generation of bass anglers. There is truly nothing like getting the big one, and its hard to not want to share those moments with the people who taught you how to do it… like your dad.

Fishing in general is a great way to relax and learn about the great outdoors. To be a truly good fisherman, one has to think like a fish which takes years of study and practice. It’s truly a labor of love, that requires a lot of experience to be good. You can watch the pros in the Elite Series or the Bass Pro Tour, you can watch all the instructional videos from some of the great YouTubers, and you really can learn a lot about fishing that way. But nothing teaches you like getting out there and doing it… just good old fashioned time on the water.

Big largemouth bass are hard to come by though, depending on where you live. In the south, the warmer weather allows the bass to grow much bigger, but in order to get big, we’re talking about fish up over 7 pounds, they have to be smart… and you as the angler have to be smarter.

This kid has the perfect reaction to hooking into and landing a beauty of a fish.

“It’s a 10-pounder! Dad, I got a 10-pounder”

The excitement is great, just so incredibly wholesome, but it gets better… his dad isn’t even there:

“I caught a 10-pound bass. That’s a 10-pound bass, call my dad! I just caught a 10-pound bass”

How big was it again? Just kidding, you gotta love the excitement. Of course, this fish is nowhere near 10 pounds, but I’m not gonna tell him that. It’s a 10-pounder, kid… atta boy.

That’s what it is all about right there, the joys of fishing on full display. If you want to get in on the action, head over to Tackle Warehouse and gear up for fishing season… whether you need a new rod and reel combo, line, lures, or terminal tackle, Tackle Warehouse will set you up right.

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