Pro Fisherman Falls, Breaks His Ribs, Loses His Fishing Rod, & Still Catches The Fish To Win $65,000

Fisherman elite series breaks ribs catching a fish
Elite Fishing Series

That looks like it hurt. But, anything for the fish, right?

Fisherman are an interesting bunch. Sometimes stubborn to say the least, going out in any conditions and often refusing to give up on fishing regardless of how the day is going.

It can be a frustrating sport. Sometimes you get out there and everything that can go wrong does. From your boat to your fishing rod, it can all hit the fan in a hurry and turn your relaxing day on the water to the total opposite.

But, fishing always is filled with surprises. Even on the worst of days, there just seems to always be something that makes it all worth it. It’s what keeps us running back to any waterbody whenever we have spare time.

Pro fisherman Shane Pescay was livin’ the life as he fished away at the Mississippi Madness Redfish Tournament in D’Iberville, Mississippi, a few years back.

But, when he hooked into a beauty redfish, he fell off the tower, losing his rod in the process. The man lands on his ribs, the rod lands in the water.

The fisherman stumbles around trying to catch his breath and grasp what just happened. After he gets his wits about him, he stands back up and spots out his rod so he can retrieve it.

He quickly finds it and fishes it out of the water. To his surprise the fish is still on the line!

Through the pain of his cracked ribs the man manages to reel in the fish and net it as he groans. The fish ended up winning him first place… good for a brand new Skeeter boat, motor, and trailer package valued at $65,000, and $5,500 cash.

I think the ribs were probably worth it in the end…

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