“I’m Done With This Interview” – Jelly Roll Hilariously Backs Himself In A Corner Explaining Why He Sleeps In “Comfort Britches”

Jelly Roll country music

I have never laughed so hard watching an interview clip.

Jelly Roll really did a number trying to get himself out of this one. In a recent interview with KMLE Country Radio, Jelly Roll tried explaining why he only sleeps “half in the nude” but ended up exposing himself in a hilarious way.

“Fill in the blank, I like to (blank) in the nude.”

Interviewer Gabe Mercer asked the CMA New Artist of the Year.

“I love to…oh goodness. Sleep, no, I sleep half nude.”

Mercer then asks if he likes to sleep in boxers “in case there is a fire,” already giggling thinking about it. Jelly Roll then takes a left turn with his answer, noting that he likes to sleep in his boxers so he can put his hand in his pants.

“I put my hands in my pockets all the time, but in my sleep, it’s my trousers… it’s like a pocket. The little thing wraps around your wrist it’s comfort.” 

Referring to the elastic waistband is keeping his hand snuggly in place. Mercer is in full shock at this point, but just wait it gets better. One of the men behind the camera makes the joke that it’s like a swaddle, and Jelly Roll was quick to shut that down.

“No, no, that sounded bad. Not the little thing…I’m done with this interview. I’m signing off, y’all. This went south. F***, this did not come off right.” 

So now you know Jelly Roll will not sleep in the nude so he can keep his hand in his pants. But don’t get the wrong idea…

After watching this, I just have to know how some people don’t love this man. He’s got a heart of gold giving back to others and can take a joke.

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