Deer Fawn Jumps Off A 100-Foot Bridge & Miraculously Sticks The Landing

Deer jumps off bridge and swims away just fine

Well, this deer may qualify for the wildlife Olympics after this performance.

Wildlife can be so funny… unintentionally, of course. They tend to get themselves in some interesting predicaments, whether it’s curiosity, fear, confusion, or the fact that most of ’em just aren’t that smart.

They go somewhere unfamiliar… and then chaos and/or panic ensues.

It always sucks to see in a way, because as humans we need to live our lives as well, but we also don’t want to see any animals get hurt. Bridges are one of those things that aren’t going to go away anytime soon.

Bridges certainly cause issues when wildlife go on them, and in some cases, a land bridge can help deer get across highways without putting themselves at risk of being hit by a car. But when that bridge is for vehicles, it’s a trap in a sense, and  there is only two ways to get off of it… unless they improvise.

A man came across two young deer in the middle of a bridge. Trying to be a good person, he gets out and tries to usher them off to the other side to free up the passage and ensure their safety.

As the man approaches, the fawns become visibly panicked, side-stepping the man, and making a break for it… right over the side of the bridge.

That’s it, the deer’s done… there’s just no way it survived.

But, as the man moves to the bridge side to see, the deer is swimming away like nothing happened. And this wasn’t a short drop, it was FAR. According to the description on the video, the deer fell 100 feet.

That is pretty impressive stuff out of this little lad.

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