Wyatt Flores Lays Down Stellar Cover Of Chris Stapleton’s “Fire Away” During Bathroom Jam Session

Wyatt Flores country music

Sometimes, a cover is just what the doctor ordered.

There is nothing like a little pre-show warm-up covering some of your favorite artist’s songs, and Wyatt Flores just shared his recent choice. We all know that bathroom acoustics just hit different, so Flores and his band members got cozy in a hotel walk-in shower, capturing the chorus of Chris Stapleton‘s “Fire Away” on video.

The combination of Flores’ voice as the focal point of the sound and the harmonious support of his secondary acoustic and mandolin player make for a heavenly combo. We’ve said before on here that choosing the cover of Chris Stapleton is no easy task, and “Fire Away” has some lofty, long vocals that make it a challenging cover.

But Flores hits the nail on the head with this, proving he can cover anything.

“Is fire away
Take your best shot
Show me what you got
Honey, I’m not afraid
Rear back and take aim
And fire away…”

I didn’t know I needed a full “Fire Away” cover from Flores, but here I am this Tuesday, hoping that he will one day release a full version on streaming platforms.

@officialwyattflores Just singing in the shower with the boys #wyattflores #fireaway #acousticcovers #chrisstapleton #showersinging ♬ original sound – Wyatt Flores

Of course, without the original, we wouldn’t be able to drool over this cover. Turn it up.

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