Black Bear Shocked To Find Out What Electric Fence Surrounding Beehives Can Do

black bear hit by a fence
Wildlife by Bean

Turns out that bears actually do love honey.

The stereotype that is often portrayed in pop culture (think Winnie the Pooh) has some truth to it. Bruins seek out honey out in the wild, and obviously, the go-to place to find it is in beehives. Bears can lean on their keen sense of smell to track down beehives and honey from great distances.

Once they successfully track a hive down, it’s not as easy as busting into the pot that’s labeled “honey.” Bears tend to not be very picky when they dig into the hive, since they usually eat the bees and the bee larvae as well as the honey that’s inside. Don’t ask me how the consumption of bees goes, by the way…

As far as difficulty and trouble is concerned, snacking on bees is probably a lot like what these bears experienced trying to break into an electric-fence-lined beehive. The bruins that tracked down this Canadian bee compound were excited to dig in, and then were shocked when they interacted with the bee hives’ defense system… pun intended.

Security cameras set up around the bee hives showed bruins of all shapes and sizes trying their luck with the electric fence. None of them had any success navigating through the fencing, and almost all of them got the jolt of a lifetime when they tested to see what the buzzing fence was all about.

The bees and their hives sat safely inside the electric fence, and if you are like me, you’re probably wondering what happened in the first place to where this Canadian beekeeper locked up their bee set up like it was the Pentagon. In the video’s description, the person who posted the footage said that the fence “usually wins,” and that it has been improved upon over the years.

Since this video is from 2022, there’s no telling what the fence looks like now. Hell, it might even have a paid guard that sits there 24/7. Though as you’ll see in the video below, the electric fence seems to do just the trick:

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