Bird’s Eye View Video Shows Bear Holding Its Own Against Pack Of Hunting Dogs

bears vs hunting dogs

Nature can be brutal.

In order to survive, animals that live out in the wild sometimes have to act out of desperation. Whether it’s the fight to find food, avoiding other predators, battling the harsh environment or evading hunters… it’s a tough life out in the wild.

The bear is Exhibit A.

Here we find a pack of laikas, a type of aggressive hunting dog found in northern Russia, trying to corral a pretty sizable bear. You certainly didn’t want to be anywhere near this fight as it ensued, and lucky for the camera person (or the drone), it was high above the bear versus dogs battle.

The dogs had the big bear surrounded, though that didn’t translate to a ton of success. Bears have the ability to viciously defend themselves, and this bear was pulling out all of the stops to fend off this pack of canines.

That meant knocking down and snapping trees in half like they were twigs as the bear was forced to play both offense and defense all at once. Luckily for the bear, the dogs were only attacking one or two at a time… like how bad guys fight good guys in action movies.

It’s hard to know for sure, and we don’t see the end result, but it’s pretty safe to assume this bear is being hunted. It looks like this pack have collars on, and most likely, a hunter is nearby, waiting for his pack of dogs to wear down this bear while he catches up. The drone is used to keep an eye on the bear and the dogs while the hunters make their way towards their kill. It’s a dangerous game for the dogs, who can be dropped with one swipe of the paw, but it is a fairly common practice to use dogs to hunt bear, even here in the United States.

The camera angle was pretty cool, though:

The dogs thought they had strength in numbers, but as it turns out, they would have needed “strength in bear” in order to adequately face off with this beast. Hopefully you enjoyed the footage as much as myself and the rest of social media did:

“Nature is always a little scary and sad to watch.”

“I really thought that once Smokey up rooted the tree he was gonna pick it up and use it as a bat.”

“Man if he focused on one they would all get the point.”

“Knocking down trees during a battle is just crazy.”

“He bear-ly got away.”

I’m always here for an animal pun. We don’t even know for sure that the bear got away, but just because it was funny, I’ll allow it…

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