Moose Slips Trying To Cross The Highway, Gets Struck By Car & Launched Into Air

Moose hit by car in Russia
Safarbek Rajabov

Poor moose…

Moose crashes are fairly common in many parts of the world. In the United States, they’re most common in places like Alaska, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, and as well in Canada, and Scandinavian countries like Finland and Sweden.

And most people have hit something with their car before, whether it’s a squirrel, bird, raccoon, or maybe even a deer. But when it comes to hitting a moose, you’re hitting a 1,000 pound brick wall of an animal that might happen to have a big rack of spikes on its massive head. It’s no surprise why they’re the most dangerous of animal collisions for drivers, and when it comes to the car, forget about it… totaled.

And yet, when these big, beautiful beasts do have an unfortunate collision with a vehicle, they are the ones getting the worse of it.

Take this poor moose near Saint Petersburg, Russia, for example. Most likely a cow given the time of year (no antlers), she still probably clocks in around 600 pounds and possibly more. Fully mature females tend to land in the 600-800 range. The video picks up with a car that is pulled over on the side of the road and it’s unclear if the driver saw the moose and decided to stop or not, but whoever it is, they have their phone out ready to record this moose booking it across the road.

However, the driver in the oncoming lane doesn’t see it…

And here’s the thing, in full stride, the moose probably would have made it across the highway without incident, but her hooves lose traction on the slick pavement and she drops to her knees… right in front of an oncoming car.

And because she’s so low, the car doesn’t strike her on the legs, sending her body into the windshield (bad news for the driver). But rather, the car hits her broadside with the front end, right as she is getting up and it absolutely launches this poor moose into the air.

We’re talking enough force to send a 600-pound animal flying over 10 feet into their air like nothing. Flipping end over end like a stuffed animal…

Ultimately we don’t know what happened to the moose or the driver, but with a blow like that, you have to expect the worst for the moose. I can’t imagine this cow surviving that. And you can see the car after impact… the front end is completely destroyed.

Gotta have your head on a swivel in moose country folks.

Moose Nearly Jumps Over Car

Moose can be a big problem for motorists.

They are just so big, weighing up to 1,500-pounds, that they can really do some damage to a vehicle. And because they stand so tall, most vehicles will hit the right in the legs causing them to land on (or through) the windshield.

Needless to say, if you live in moose country, you want to avoid a collision at all costs. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, however, it’s rare that a driver makes it away this lucky. But then again, it’s also rare that a moose is running down the street in an urban area.

A dashcam captured this bizarre scene which appears to be somewhere in Russia, when a car starts to pull out into an intersection and you see a moose out of nowhere cut right for the car.

The car breaks hard and the moose takes a huge leap, narrowly clearing the car completely. It slides off the roof of the car and crashes down to the pavement, before picking itself back up and running off.

I mean, I’m sure there could be a few scratches from its hoofs dragging, and the moose probably came out with a scrape or bruise or two. But with no serious injuries to the moose, and no major damage to the car… it’s a success.

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