Charles Wesley Godwin Delivers Beautifully Stripped-Back Cover Of Magnolia Electric Co.’s “Hammer Down”

Charles Wesley Godwin country music

CWG laying down another stellar cover.

The original cut of the song primarily features piano and drums driving the melody, while CWG just has his acoustic guitar and that phenomenal voice. The change in composition instantly changes the sound of the song which gives it an airy feel that lets the songwriting take the spotlight. His booming vocals powerfully deliver the simple words from the song’s snippet, and listeners will instantly be hypnotized by the repetitive words.

“Hammer down
Heaven bound
Hammer down
Heaven bound
I saw the light
On the old gray town
Sometimes I forget that I’ve always been sick
And I don’t have the will to keep fighting”

Godwin adds an additional repetition of “Hammer Down, Heaven Bound” between the verse’s lyrics, adding a soothing element as he sings. I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing a cover like this added to CWG’s setlist.

This is yet, another stunning cover that highlights his out-of-this-world talent.

While you’re here, fire up the original version of Magnolia Electric Co.’s version.

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