Charles Wesley Godwin Lost Power During Tortuga Music Festival, Jumped Off Stage To Give Unplugged Acoustic Performance

Charles Wesley Godwin Country music

The show must go on.

Charles Wesley Godwin is a class act, and this performance from Tortuga Music Festival goes to show that he is one of the best in the business. While performing at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, festival, he lost power during his set.

Instead of calling it quits and walking off stage waiting for production to fix the issue, Charles Wesley Godwin took matters into his own hands. He knew that fans in the crowd not only waited hours or made the trip just to see him but also because they paid quite a bit of money to make it to the festival.

After the power went out on stage, CWG jumped down and stood right by the guard rail, deciding to deliver an unplugged acoustic performance for the crowd. With his booming vocals and acoustic guitar, he delivers a stellar performance that highlights his unbridled talent. The crowd near the front quiets down the rest of the crowd so everyone can hear him.

“Shut up so he can sing.”

One man says as CWG begins strumming his guitar to the intro of “Jesse.” Godwin sounds just as good as he does in the studio during this performance, and those around the front softly hum to the vocals.

Personally, I think this is a time where you read the room and remain silent so those in the back can experience part of the magic as those upfront; for a few folks in the front, they were still singing along with every word like he was plugged up on stage.

Regardless, CWG still sounds incredible. He is a musician who cares more about his fans’ experiences than the paycheck that comes with it, leaving it all on the stage (or the sand, in this case) every time.

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And if you want to jam out to “Jesse” without hearing those behind the camera singing along, check out this stellar live performance while you’re here:

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