Alaskan Man Opens Up His Front Door, Comes Face To Face With Moose Standing On His Porch

Moose open door

No one likes a drop-in guest.

Dropping in to see a friend or neighbor used to be a relatively normal thing. But nowadays, in 2024, if you stop by someone’s house unannounced, it’s one of the rudest, most inconsiderate things you can do as a human being.

But what if it isn’t a human being on the other side of your door trying to get in? What if, instead, it’s a moose suspiciously standing on your front porch? Does that make the drop-in better or worse?

Having an animal appear that close to your place of residence is a little intimidating, but I’d venture to guess that some people would rather see a moose when they open their door than a old friend, or someone trying to sell them a knife set (are door-to-door salesmen still a thing?).

As strange as that scenario sounds, it did actually play out in Alaska. Though how the moose got there is a mystery, as is how the person found out the towering wild animal was there at their front door, the video below shows the wild face-to-face encounter play out.

I like to think that the homeowner had a Ring doorbell that alerted them someone was there on their porch. If only there was a video of the man’s reaction when he first found out he had a moose as a visitor.

When the door swings open, no words or sound are exchanged. It appears that both the man and the moose are rendered speechless as they looked at one another. The only real change that happens during the video is when the moose’s ears go back, seemingly out of embarrassment (maybe it had the wrong address).

Then, the man sounds like he says “sorry” for some strange reason, like he was the one on the moose’s property. It’s a weird interaction, but how normal can a moose standing at your doorstep be, am I right?

Check it out:

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