Steph Curry & Klay Thompson Trolled The Rockets For Their Injured Backup’s Pregame ‘Warriors’ Taunt

Steph Curry
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Whereas Draymond Green can’t contain himself from conduct that would trigger battery charges outside the confines of a sporting event, the Golden State Warriors do have two superior legends in Steph Curry and Klay Thompson who can channel their saltiness into sensational Splash Brothers infernos on the hardwood.

If you slight Steph or Klay, be prepared to pay the price. They may be getting up there in age, but Chef Curry is still cooking, and in my opinion, Klay is just saving most of his energy for another hopeful championship push. Why do I make the latter statement in particular? Because Klay is averaging less than 20 points for the first time in a decade, has been through multiple catastrophic injuries, and can lean on other teammates in the meantime until the Warriors need him to go en fuego in the postseason.

…And also because, as Klay proved in Golden State’s 133-110 blowout of the ascending Rockets in Houston, he can make a big statement when he wants to. Backup injured big man Tari Eason made the mistake of antagonizing the Dubs with his pregame/pine-riding attire.

Eff around and find out what happens when you poke the collective Splash Bros. bear that has torn through opponents countless times en route to four NBA championships.

I love and am fascinated by the competitive pettiness it takes for Steph and Klay to still get up for games like this so far into their careers, amid a loaded Western Conference, dealing with all of Draymond’s bullsh*t all the while. The last thing Eason should’ve done was give the Warriors’ GOAT shooting backcourt any added motivation. They’re now entering the final stretch of the regular season, jockeying for playoff position and hoping to avoid the play-in round. Houston entered Thursday night’s contest with two straight losses on the heels of an 11-game winning streak.

This is a lesson the young Rockets squad will no doubt learn from, albeit the very, very hard way.

You knew when Klay hit an early trey, and stared down certified moron Dillon Brooks, that something might be about to go down.

As if being anywhere near Dillon Brooks isn’t enough to piss off any reasonable human being, Eason stupidly exacerbated the situation. You see the result. Adding insult to the figurative injury of an embarrassing home loss in which he couldn’t even participate to influence the outcome, Eason received a subtle in-game dig from Steph that he fully knew TV cameras would catch onto:

But the best part was when Klay admonished the naïve 22-year-old afterwards, saying how lame Eason was for rocking that Warriors-inspired shirt.

Insert human skull emojis. Klay, he’s already dead. You didn’t have to do him like that. I’m nevertheless glad you did.

Whatever faint postseason hopes the spunky Rockets had are now all but dashed.

If the Warriors can stay hot, we could be in for an all-time playoffs, at least out in the West. Whichever team is the last one standing will likely win the NBA Finals. It’s ridiculous that the Dubs are eight games north of .500 and it’s only good enough for the 10th seed at the minute. The teams ahead of Golden State, in this order, are Dallas, Phoenix, New Orleans, Sacramento, and the Lakers. They’re all separated by only 2.5 games.

Plus, we have the T’Wolves, Nuggets and Thunder within one game of each other for the No. 1 seed. Sandwiched between them all are the Clippers, with a bunch of aging stars who nobody knows what to make of. A wild West indeed.

Shorten the regular season and get me to the playoffs sooner please, Adam Silver.

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