Josh Meloy Reflects On Road Warrior Lifestyle With New Single “1,000 Miles”

Josh Meloy country music
Josh Meloy

Being a road warrior is not for the faint of heart.

Josh Meloy is back, dropping his first single since 2022, and the wait was worth it for this one. The Oklahoma native captures fans with his raspy vocals and raw songwriting. With hits like “Porch Light” and “Met The Devil In Oklahoma,” Meloy has a dynamic sound that can be loved from a large venue like The Ryman or a tiny dive bar.

On his new single, Meloy reflects on being on the road, trying to spread his music to fans. While he gets to do what he loves, he also gets pulled away from his family and children, living the road dog lifestyle. The lyrics reflect on missing out on monumental moments and spending late nights talking on the phone with his wife after the shows.

While songwriters frequently discuss missing home, a whole new level of missing home comes into play when you are away from your kids.

“I’m driving through the years, I’m trying to make it right
My baby’s at home, hope she’s doing alright
Miss my dogs and I miss my girls
I’m a thousand miles away from my whole world”

While the song has a melancholy meaning, the upbeat lyrics make the track catchy with a killer steel guitar lick after the chorus. The melody almost disguises the lyrics, wrestling if all of this time away from home is worth it.

Last summer, Meloy noted that he was officially done recording his new album. While we hoped for a 2023 release with this new single, I am hopeful that 2024 is the year we get a new album from him.

He is constantly dropping Easter eggs on his Instagram of unreleased songs, so we know he has a lot of material in his vault that fans are pounding on the doors to hear. Until that day comes, I will be blasting “1,000 Miles” on repeat.

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