“I’m Gonna Punch Your Head In” – Australian Man Squares Up With A Kangaroo In Waist Deep Water To Save His Dog

Man fights roo to save dog
Mick Moloney

Whatever it takes for your best friend.

Kangaroos are wild animals that live in Australia. They are unique in their build, known to hop around with their powerful legs. These beasts have incredibly fast speeds reaching over 44 miles per hour at top speeds. These legs are their best defense, and if they aren’t running away, they will use the power to kick the life out of any threat. They also have rather sharp claws which they can use to tear open the abdominals of their target when they kick.

Kangaroos generally avoid all confrontations, but can be very territorial, and have been known to tangle with people and their pets.

So, what do you do? Just what this guy does.

He is seen running out into the water, to meet a waste deep kangaroo that has the grip on his dog.

“I’m gonna punch your head in… let go of my dog.”

The kangaroo doesn’t back down, neither does the man. The camera hits the water and when it comes back to the dog is free and the man is laughing. Looks like he won the battle. I mean, anyone would do anything to protect their dog, but squaring up with a ripped animal like a kangaroo takes some balls. Bravo.

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