Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco Put A Restaurant On Blast For Charging Him “COVID Fee” For Sanitizing Menus

Sebastian Maniscalco

COVID-19 is still having an impact.

All of the warnings, social distancing, and isolation periods might be gone, but the fees associated with the illness appear as though they are here to stay. That is until enough well-known comedians put businesses on blast so that those businesses walk back some of their own “COVID practices.”

Sebastian Maniscalco, a hilarious comedic mind, went viral recently for a rant he posted online about a restaurant charging him a COVID fee. In the cadence that he would traditionally carry out one of his laugh-out-loud jokes in, the comedian recorded a video of himself giving the unnamed restaurant a piece of his mind about the COVID fee he was charged:

“You know what ain’t right? I went to a restaurant last night, and I got the bill and they charged me a COVID fee. I asked the guy. I go, ‘What’s the COVID fee?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, well, we gotta wipe down the menus.’ Wipe down the menus? You’re charging $3 to wipe down your own menus? Before COVID, what, you just brought out the menu with spaghetti sauce on it?”

Fair point there, Mr. Maniscalco.

It’s not like restaurants weren’t wiping down their menus before, or at least you hope that they were. But now they can charge whatever they want and then slap the ol’ COVID excuse on it. That wasn’t settling right with the fiery comedian:

“Eliminate the COVID fee, and they charged me a 3.5% credit card fee because I was using the credit card. It’s a bad look. It’s a real bad look as a business. Absorb the fee. It’s call the cost of doing business.”

Feel like it’s pretty hard to disagree with Sebastian Maniscalco there, right? Especially since it’s 2024 and no one is really all that worried about COVID anymore.

The comedian posted that clip onto all of his social media profiles, and let’s just say it got a lot of engagement. There were plenty of people out there who agreed wholeheartedly and shared their support:

That restaurant is lucky Maniscalco didn’t name drop them… they’d be closing up shop pretty quickly I’d imagine… or at least dropping their COVID fee.

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