The Chicago Cubs Had The Most Pathetic Pregame Fireworks I’ve Ever Seen For Their Home Opener Player Intros

Chicago Cubs

Had to save all that money to pay Cody Bellinger, eh?

The Chicago Cubs are back at Wrigley Field today for the first time in the young 2024 season. With new manager Craig Counsell coming over from the Minnesota Twins after the surprise firing of David Ross last year, you’d think the team would want to make a good impression, not only for their fans, but also for their new leader.

Well if these are the kind of fireworks we can expect from the Cubs on the field this season, it may be a long year in the Windy City…

The Cubs managed to put on one of the most pathetic pyrotechnic displays I’ve ever seen during the home opener against the Colorado Rockies. Not only did one side of the display appear to not be working, but I’ve seen more sparks from those big ass sparklers that they give out at the end of weddings as you see the bride and groom off.

Take a look for yourself:

The commentary in the video is great. They’re asking what everybody else was thinking:

“Why are they still trying?”

Seriously, what happened here? Were these left over from a New Years Eve party and they just decided not to spend any more money? Did they forget to buy pyrotechnics and send an intern to the nearest fireworks stand? Surely they didn’t plan them out like this…

Even new manager Counsell seemed to be caught off guard by the sparks as he was introduced.

Those have to be an April Fools Day prank. “Haha, let’s make our new manager think we’re a poverty team that can’t afford fireworks.” Great joke guys, now where are the real explosives?

And while it may not have been a prank, plenty of people got a laugh at the Cubs’ expense – including the New York Mets:

Of course it’s Chicago, so maybe fireworks are banned or there’s some stupid law that prohibits them from going above a foot high or something. I mean it wouldn’t surprise me. But still…they were clearly the laughingstock of opening day:

Inflation hitting everybody hard these days I guess.

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