Bunnie Xo Reflects On How Relationship With Jelly Roll Has Evolved After A Short Split In 2018

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Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll have a famed loved story among their friends.

While some might deem it the nonconventional path to where they are today, most can’t help but fall for their positive outlooks on life and infectious personalities. Bunnie Xo often shares information about their relationship and how they ended up to where they are today, and her most recent TikTok shares information that most were not aware of.

The couple got married in 2016, but on one of the Dumb Blonde host’s TikToks, she noted that they split briefly in 2018.

“Who knew that us breaking up in 2018, me moving back to Vegas & you coming to get me back – would put us on this wild journey called life.”

She writes in an on-screen caption.

While the two were legally married in 2016, Bunnie noted once on her podcast episode that the first few years after committing their life to each other was a whirlwind. The two were hot and heavy for a year before getting married, and both were in tough spots in life. They have both been very open about how they both struggled with substance abuse issues when they first got together. Jelly Roll, at the time, was a struggling ex-convict and aspiring musician, and Bunnie was working in the sex industry.

“I just think when you know, you know. But the thing is, when you get married that early, you also have to learn each other. You got to go through the growing pains together, man…

You’re going to hang on because you guys don’t really know each other…figuring everything out, and you hop into the frying pan (with) hot grease, but it’s so worth it in the end.”

She said on a podcast episode back in 2021.

While the two might have taken a break in their relationship, their love brought them back together, and now they have built an empire.

“We finally committed to each other and did everything we promised each other the first night in 2016. Our castle in the sand had to crumble so we could rebuild on solid ground. I love you so much.”

No relationship is perfect, especially one in the limelight. However, it is more than apparent how much Bunnie and Jelly love each other and have worked hard to keep their family together and happy and healthy.

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