Hunters Get Kicked Out Of Hotel For Practicing Turkey Calls

turkey calling in hotel

Just a bunch of the boys fired up for a good ol’ hunting trip… you gotta love it. Let’s be real though, the first mistake was thinking a hotel was a good place to stay for a hunting trip. There’s a good reason why hunting camps are located miles away from civilization. Proximity to nature and the hunting grounds is obvious… but you wanna keep your pack of hooligans away from other people. Why let somethi9ng silly like “being quiet” ruin your good time?

Turkey hunting is an easy one to get fired up about though. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking turkey and getting a gobbler to walk on to you, you’ll understand. It’s gotta be the most thrilling bird hunt out there.

Wild turkeys can reach 25 pounds in weight. These massive birds strut around and are as talkative as they come. To hunt them, people need to use turkey calls to bring one within range to take one down. And naturally, when you’re getting ready to go turkey hunting, you have to practice. Especially if you’re with the fellas, I mean, you gotta see who has the best call.

All is well and good if you’re out at a camp or home. But, at a hotel, where people are trying to sleep… that noise is probably is going to make a stir.

These fellas just couldn’t help themselves though. And really, I probably wouldn’t either, but it still is a hotel. They are all seen in the room just a gobbling away, as if no one else is in the building.

And yes, obviously the caption says they got the boot, but at least they had a good time doing it.

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