Bear Cub Bugs The Heck Out Of Mother Bear Near Banff National Park

bear cubs playing

Shoutout to all the moms out there who keep their kids in order.

I’m sure a lot of mothers will watch this video and relate to this mother bear trying her best to keep her cool as she interacts with her cub. The smaller baby bear was in the mood to play, while the mom’s main goal was to keep the little thing safe and sound (and away from the road).

That’s why every time the cub bounced up on the mother’s face to play and pushed both of them further into the road in the Canadian national park, the mom consistently redirected the tiny bruin towards the shoulder of the highway.

The small bear cub stands up on its hind legs multiple times to mess with its mother, and the elder bear could not have handled it better. This video right here is a masterclass in motherly patience. It would have been very easy for the mother to lose it, but cooler heads prevailed.

There’s a chance that the cub was trying to lead its parent across the road, which would have made for a very easy “Why did the bear cross the road?” joke.

However, as most of us know, mothers know best, and the momma bear made it loud and clear that they were going to stay on the side of the road and ultimately head back in the other direction. But you’ve got to give the bear cub credit for its sticktuitiveness… even though the mother’s persistence outlasted her offspring.

Check out the incredible footage out of Alberta, Canada below:

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