Koe Wetzel Announced Free Pop Up Show, Just To Be Kicked Out Of The Bar Before It Started

Koe Wetzel country music
Koe Wetzel country music

Didn’t even make the stage.

Koe Wetzel has been keeping fans on their toes the last few days, teasing lots of new music with the hopes that an album announcement will be on the way soon. From the new single, “Damn Near Normal,” combined with the teased music, KW6 seems like it’s going to be full of twangers.

With new music (hopefully) coming out soon, Koe decided a pop-up show was the perfect way to showcase his new songs, and what better city to do that in than Texas’ music capital, Austin.

“I’m playing an acoustic set at Sam’s Town Point in Austin, Texas, tonight at 10 pm, ask for Ramsay and you get in for free!”

Koe tweeted (now known as X) last night around 8 pm. According to his information, the show started at 10, which gave avid fans plenty of time to gather their belongings and haul themselves down to where Koe was set to appear.

The dream of a Koe Wetzel pop-up show was short-lived, though. An hour later, he informed fans the show was canceled. Why, you may ask? Right on brand Koe shared that the reason the show was canceled was because he got kicked out of the bar.

“Shows canceled, they kicked me out.”

Perhaps Koe was celebrating his single “Creeps”  becoming RIAA Certified Gold a little too hard yesterday afternoon.

While some fans were disappointed, it seemed as though the majority just got a good laugh that this was how Koe went out trying to put on a surprise show for his fans. Koe will get ’em next time… Koe couldn’t leave without one final message for Sam’s Town Point after kicking him out.

This chain of events perfectly sums up what his newest single is about. Getting kicked out of a bar on a Wednesday might not be how the majority lives, but it’s “Damn Near Normal” to him.

UPDATE: The Bar Responds

Shortly after I reported this news, a representative from the Austin bar reached out to clear up the situation.

Ramsay, who Koe said to say at the door for free entry, noted that Koe didn’t agree to step foot on stage that night. The bar’s team said that Koe and his crew showed up at the dive bar unannounced, setting up for a photoshoot. When Ramsay got a call about this he asked to speak to Koe.

Ramsay asked Koe if he was interested in hopping up on the stage that evening in exchange for using the location for a photoshoot.

“I asked again if he wanted to play the club because I think it would be great. His fans would love it there, and we’d all get a kick out of it.”

After a few back-and-forths and comments about getting enough liquid courage to get up on the stage, Koe answered that he was not going to sing that evening. Upon that answer, they asked if they could pack up the photo shoot as the location would soon be filling up with bargoers. Koe and his team did as they were asked, packed up, and headed out.

Maybe out of spite, maybe out of fun. Koe then Tweeted about the pop-up show.

“Then he Tweeted some stuff and his fans started showing up asking for me so they could get it for free. It made for a fun night.”

Ramsay said.

Regardless, the humor behind the Tweet is there, and Sams Town Point has nothing but love for the Texas country music star.

“It turned out to be a fun night!”

Stephanie Cerame, a mixer at the bar, noted.

Whether Koe had hoped to come back and perform or not, business is business for Sams Town Point, and hey I am sure that string of Tweets got people in their Ubers and to the door of the local watering hole.

Based on the looks of this bar/venue, it seems like it would have made for a killer acoustic set location…maybe we can hope for another time.

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