Hunter Gets Too Close To A Beauty Whitetail & Learns A Valuable Lesson

Man approaches deer

This is why we stay away from wildlife… even deer, the most innocent seeming creature out there. They can kick the living life out of you or if they have antlers they can inflict some serious harm in a hurry.

The average white-tailed deer is around 100-pounds for a doe and 150 for a buck. That’s not a small animal. They certainly have a bit more fight in them than most people would think. I mean, they fight for their lives day in and day out. But, temptation is sometimes hard resist. Especially for a deer lover. It’s a weird relationship that a person can grow to have with the species. A person that spends their days chasing them, grows to learn a lot about them and how they act.

This knowledge can make you way more comfortable around a deer. For myself, it’s lead to some cool interactions of actually feeding a deer out of my hand. Of course, this was a town deer that had been very habituated to human presence.

Woods deer just aren’t the same, though. Sure, occasionally you might be able to get close, but they just aren’t used to people.

This man found that out the hard way when he came across a beauty buck bedded down in the woods. The man approached it slowly to not spook the animal. He gets some close, you can see each breath it takes and literally every single hair on it even with a cellphone quality video.

The man reaches his hand out and moves it slowly towards the deer. Just as he reaches his nose the deer has enough and starts the attack. The man grabs its antlers and tries to steer its head away from him. The deer pushes hard but the man defends well.

That was a close one…

With a little bit of a slower reaction it could have gone very different.

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