Fishermen Lose Their Minds As 800-Pound Mako Shark Repeatedly Jumps Out Of The Water

Mako shark jumps out of water

What a fight.

Nothing beats the excitement of landing a big fish. Whether it’s a chunky largemouth, a football smallie, or a big northern pike, anglers love the thrill of the fight. But shark fishing? Well, that’s a whole different ballgame.

Mako sharks are apex predators who terrorize their ocean prey with their speed and power. They can reach lengths of 12 feet, weighing up to 1,000 pounds. They use their razor sharp teeth to eat tuna, swordfish and squid. Their fast top speed of over 45 miles per hour, the fastest of any shark species, allows them to catch and take out these prey.

Their insane speeds also allow them to make some incredible leaps, coming fully out of the water. Sounds like a sport fisherman’s dream, right?

Well this video shows that they certainly are.

These guys hooked into a massive 800 pound, 10 feet long mako shark and got a full show to go with it. As they fight the beast, it is seen coming fully out of the water, trying to get off of their line. The guys are losing their minds on the boat as the shark breaches the surface over and over, flipping over as it does. It’s hard to know for sure, but if this fella is 10-foot, he seems to be reaching heights well over that.

“Oh my god, is this really happening right now, you guys?”

That about sums it up perfectly.

What a creature, what a fight. That’s one to remember.

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A beer bottle on a dock