16-Year-Old Artist Shares Incredible Charcoal Drawing Of Luke Combs

Luke combs country music
Anthony Miller

Fans often mail artists their favorite artist’s artwork, letters noting how much their music changed their lives, or wishes to potentially meet them one day. When you are an artist as big as Luke Combs, one can only imagine that their P.O. Box is constantly full of fan mail.

While some choose the more traditional mail route to get a musician’s attention, others choose the more traditional route in the tech age we live in of social media. One extremely talented artist is sharing his craft, drawing an incredible portrait of Combs.

16-year-old Anthony Miller blew social media followers away with his most recent work. The charcoal piece is so detailed and accurate that it almost looks like a black-and-white image, not a drawing.

“Here is my new drawing of Luke Combs! I spent over a month and 50+ hours making this drawing. This is the first part of a new series where I will be drawing country music’s biggest stars. Had to start with the best of them all…”

Over 50 hours on this… UNREAL.

From the individual beard hairs to the accuracy of the slight skin wrinkle near his smirk and the stunning Blue Otter Polarized logo on the hat that jumps out at you, everything about this drawing is beautiful.

Miller videoed the image coming to life, and it’s one of the best things you can take the time to view today. Seeing this from start to finish makes you appreciate how much shading, line work, and effort this took.

I know I will be tuning into the rest of Miller’s series to see what artists he does next and to watch more of his unbridled talent.

Luke Combs shared the portrait, blown away by the kid’s talent:

“This is unreal! Shoutout to Anthony Miller for the drawing!! Kid is only 16…”

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