Herd Of Yellowstone Bison Walk Right Past Old Faithful As It Erupts

Bison old faithful Yellowstone
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These bison could not have timed it up any better.

You can go ahead and lock this image into the Yellowstone National Park 2025 monthly calendar, if they happen to put out one of those. Now that I think about it, is anyone still buying physical monthly calendars? I’m sure smart phone calendars have pretty much put the “12 month calendar” out of business.

Anyways, this video right here is what makes Yellowstone so special (the park, not the show). The national park is visited by over 3 million tourists every year, and they’re all there to take in the scenic landscape, view the park’s famous wildlife, and experience the famous hot springs.

And there’s probably not a more famous geyser on the entire planet than Old Faithful, which got it’s name because of the frequency of its eruptions. The geothermal feature has sent water up into the air every 45 minutes to two hours for over two decades. It is about as reliable as you can get.

For Yellowstone visitors that wanted to see both Old Faithful and the park’s famous bison, they may have been able to kill two birds with one stone if they were standing in the area when this video was taken. Even the woman that was filming the whole thing expressed her gratitude for the “stars aligning” moment:

“I was hoping these bison would walk out and there they go. I’ve never caught the bison in front of Old Faithful.”

That is until right then and there, when she did exactly that. If seeing bison walk by Old Faithful as it erupts was on her bucket list, she should be able to check it off twice considering it also happened as snow covered the ground at the national park.

All in all, it’s a stunning video that I’m sure doesn’t do justice to seeing Yellowstone’s beauty in person. But the video will have to do until I can get out to the national park and visit Old Faithful to see it for myself (and hopefully witness a 2-for-1 like this woman did).

Check it out:

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