Whoopi Goldberg Wildly Claims That Donald Trump “Isn’t Actually Out There… That’s An AI Of Him”

Whoopi Goldberg
The View

We are only a few months into the “Election Year,” and folks, it’s already getting absurd.

Setting aside the fact that we have two retirement-home-age men battling for the Oval Office once more, the noise that lays out around the presidential race is bound to become deafening as the year progresses.

A good example of that is what happened recently on the daytime talk show The View. Hopefully, no one is going to that show as their number one news source, but in this day and age, it wouldn’t surprise me.

The panel was discussing another politician’s recent advertisement, which featured South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem seemingly promoting a dental group. Whoopi Goldberg and company were weighing in on how they viewed the controversial, infomercial-esque advertisement, because someone has to right?

But then, at the very end of discussing a “dangerous” thing to put on television, Whoopi decided to shoe in one of the wildest, hottest takes that’s ever been pronounced on TV. Right before the show cut to commercial, Goldberg suggested (almost out of the blue) that she believed Donald Trump was AI. That might not make sense reading that, but they were her words, not mine:

“I have to say this before we go. I don’t believe Trump is actually out there. I think that’s an AI of him.”

Does Whoopi know what AI is? Saying, “I think that’s an AI of him” is like your parents saying, “Help me make an internet Facebook page.”

In Goldberg’s defense, the AP did some recent reporting on some potentially doctored photos that Donald Trump released, and how artificial intelligence could play a dangerous role in misinformation during the election year.

But then again, does Whoopi think that AI is like… The Terminator? Does she believe that they’ve built a Trump Terminator to host rallies? Though we don’t know for sure what she meant, Goldberg seems pretty confident in her theory, because she kept going even after the rest of the panel was left speechless by her just-before-commercial hot take:

“I think a lot of that has been AI. That’s just my opinion, but that’s what I think.”

How the hell is this woman on national television?

Whoopi’s comments come at the very end of this footage below:

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