Mother Grizzly Helps Her Cubs Over A Fence With A “Gentle” Hand

Mama bear

The love only a mother could give. These grizzly bears don’t play around ever, not with food or their kids. And while these are wild animals, nature is a reflection of our own lives in many ways, sometimes a mother has to help out her kids.

Grizzly bears are some of the baddest animals on the planet. Reaching weights over 1,000 pounds in some places and eating everything in sight. These beasts live a rough and tough life, fighting for territory and food every step of the way. From the day they’re born they fight to survive, with even other bears trying to eat them. A mother bear has a tough job not just providing but also protecting its cubs.

This mother bear put on a show for everyone demonstrating the lengths she goes to get her cubs around and fed. While probably searching for some food, a mother grizzly is seen climbing over a backyard fence. Her young cubs are close behind but are not big enough to climb the fence just yet.

Without hesitation the mother bear reaches down over and grabs one by the scruff of the neck and hauls it up over. She reaches back and hauls the second one by the skin between its ears. Sometimes a mother’s love is a little tough, even in nature.

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