Massive Moose Walks Right Towards Group Of Photographers In Wyoming

Moose walking through snow

It’s pretty easy to forget how massive some of Mother Nature’s creatures are.

One of the larger land animals that walks the Earth is the moose. They are the biggest of the deer species, growing up to seven feet in height and having antlers that can spread out to over six feet in width.

The big beasts can weigh upwards of 1,500 pounds (1,100 pounds for females), and usually 50 to 80 of that weight belong to their antlers. Moose must have some rather formidable neck muscles to keep that heavy of a noggin upright.

And while we are speaking on how large moose can be, that’s the perfect segue to bring in this video of one of the most enormous antlered creatures you’ll ever see.

This video comes from the majestic landscape of Wyoming, where a moose walking near a road caused many photographers to stop to capture some pictures. They were following along with the guidelines that the National Park Service and staying 25 yards away from the animal, but the moose wasn’t obeying those rules.

Those there in the moose’s path weren’t sure what to do as the towering animal walked right towards them. As the moose traversed through the snow and split the gathering of people, its remarkable size was made apparent as it walked near vehicles and stood taller than them.

Everyone kept their cool as it made its way across the road and on to wherever it was heading in the snowy, mountainous landscape. That right there is how you handle an animal encounter, and as the person who recorded this video put in the caption, how you respect wildlife:

“I am probably 50 yards away from the moose. All of the other photographers were also 50-100 yards away to start, and the moose decided to walk in our direction.

Everyone was incredibly respectful of his space and stayed relatively in place in order to not spook him. As Wyoming residents, we always respect the wildlife.”

What a beauty:

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