Fans Fear Luke Combs Will Never Return To Bank Of America Stadium After Comments Ripping Panthers Owner David Tepper

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The Pat McAfee Show/ESPN

Undisputed man of the people.

Luke Combs appeared on The Pat McAfee Show this afternoon to give his thoughts on the dumpster fire that is currently the Carolina Panthers organization, and let’s just say, he didn’t hold back.

Notably, he absolutely ripped the leadership of the team, and I use that word very loosely when it comes to owner David Tepper, and I can’t lie, I was living for every second of it. He echoed a lot of the sentiments many Panthers fans have been talking about and feeling for a while now, and I’m thankful that he was as honest as he was.

Somebody with a real platform outside of football finally said it out loud, and it feels GREAT. And I think Pat and his fellow show analysts were as amused as I was, particularly when Luke talked about Tepper, because he was so honest in his opinions.

A lot of times, celebrities of his caliber won’t go all the way there, especially when it comes to talking so openly about a billionaire like Tepper, but Luke spoke as if he was just any old fan and it’s amazing. He notes quite profoundly that just because Tepper is a “shrewd businessman,” it doesn’t mean he’s going to be good at everything else (duh).

He doesn’t seem to get that part, but McAfee also told a story about how Tepper allegedly wanted a raise back in the day, his boss didn’t give him one, so he left the company, started his own extremely successful business, and then bought his boss’ house from him.

He didn’t just move in, though… he tore the whole thing down, and built a newer, bigger home in its place. I repeat all of that to give you context as to the kind of person we’re dealing with when it comes to David Tepper (he also threw a cup at a Jaguars fan last season):

Luke just played two headlining show at Bank of America Stadium last summer, and it was obviously a kickass time and really cool moment for the North Carolina native, though fans now fear that after his little interview this afternoon, that might be the end of his time performing there…

And honestly Tepper is seemingly a pretty vindictive guy, and I really wouldn’t be all that shocked if that were the case (I wish I was joking). He notoriously loves to talk to the local media about how many concerts he’s brought to the Queen City, which is another point of contention among locals because we just wanna win games and don’t really care about the other “ticketed events,” which just adds another layer to all of this.

I mean, I’d hate it for Luke, but some of these comments are so damn funny (mostly because there’s a lot of truth somewhere in there):

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