The Internet Thinks AOC Was Packing Zyns At The State Of The Union After 2019 Photo Goes Viral

AOC State of the Union
Zach Gibson/Getty Images

We had some biparti-zyn action in Congress last night…

For better or for worse, there are few people that burst onto the political scene and made a name for themselves quite as quickly as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Bronx Native was elected to the House of Representatives at just 29 years old after completing a historically impressive upset of an established, 10-term incumbent Democrat and has easily kept her seat while making her name, or at least her AOC moniker, recognizable in nearly every household in the United States.

While just as many people view her as a savior as people who think she’s a living symbol of everything wrong with America, one thing is for sure, she knows how to pack a pouch. I mean punch. Well, maybe she’s been packing both this whole time.

A photo of her attending Donald Trump’s State of the Union in 2019 hit the internet and immediately went viral because people noticed a round container making pushing through her pocket and people immediately thought she was a frequent flyer to Zynbabwe.

Of course, all you had to do was turn on the TV to see that AOC was wearing black last night to realize this is an old photo, but nevertheless, the post quickly took off and it may just be the unifying moment this country needs.

There was some contention on whether it was Zyn or dip (probably just a compact mirror), but one thing is for sure, everyone loved it.

Maybe, just maybe, this crazy world isn’t as far apart as we think we are. If she openly throws in an upper decker while addressing congress we will never be the same and I, for one, completely support it.

Also, this was my favorite of all the Zyn puns (other than my bipartizyn line up top, of course. I’m pretty proud of that.)

Man, I love the internet.

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